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Rides Needed

Please post where you're coming from, date, time, and seats needed.


  • Hi there — Chloé here! I'd like to leave Friday, August 23rd, and return on Sunday, August 25th, and I'll be in Philadelphia. I'd love to snag a ride there and back with somebody. I make great conversation and I'll gladly chip in for gas and road snacks! I would also be down to ride with people to and from NYC as well (bus to there is relatively cheap from Philly).

    Feel free to reply on here or email me as you need!


  • Two babes from NYC (me and Damien Luxe) looking for a ride share and/or a pickup from the metro north. Ideally we can also collab on lodging for ease. Reply here or email to

  • If anyone else is staying in New Paltz I'd love a ride to/from dinner Friday and/or brunch Sunday.
    (Saturday I can potentially offer a ride; just posted on the rides offered board too.)

  • hi hi! I am looking for a ride for 2 people + camping gear leaving Brooklyn on Friday afternoon/eve and returning Sunday afternoon eve.

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