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Rides Available

Please post where you're coming from, date, time, and seats available.


  • Hey all! Beth DeBold here, posting under my 2003 AIM username because I can 😂
    I’ll be driving up from Washington, DC on Friday, August 23rd (probably early afternoon), and returning early afternoon on Sunday, August 25th. Still undecided about whether or not to go straight up I-95 or to cut around through rural PA, but if anyone along either of those routes wants a ride, happy to be swayed! Comment here or email me at

  • Oops—almost forgot: 4 seats available.

  • Hi heathenduchess — will you be going near Philadelphia at all? I am looking for a ride to and from there. I will email you as well! Love Chloé

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    Hi all, we'll be coming in from the Southwest, all the way from Indiana through Columbus, OH, Scranton, PA, and Poughkeepsie. We're planning to stop over on Thursday in the middle of the night in the middle of Pennsylvania, then come in on Friday at a fairly leisurely pace starting sometime in the morning. Lots of stops to let the toddler play, probably. We'll be heading back out on Sunday afternoon and plan to drive until late to get to Columbus, OH, where we'll stop for the night.

    We've got a 1.5-year-old baby, so you'd be sharing the backseat with them. Realistically, we have room for one because of the carseat, though we could squeeze in two if it was really necessary.

  • Hello! I am driving from LaGuardia at about midnight Sat. 8/24 (i.e., Friday night).
    I will be leaving to drive to Albany, NY in the mid-morning (around 9-10 AM) on Sunday, 8/25.
    I will have a rental car that can comfortably seat three people, in addition to me.

  • Hello!!! I’m Brenna, traveling down from southern Maine on Friday morning with 3 seats available. I’ll be heading home Sunday afternoon. Times are a bit loose right now, more so to accommodate others if need be. Lemme know if you need a ride and I’m passing by you!

  • I'm getting picked up in New Paltz Saturday morning 8/24 and dropped off there in the evening, if anyone else is staying around there and wants to carpool to/from the Rêve.
    My date is coming from Croton-on-Hudson, and she might be up for doing a pick-up before she gets to me, too, if anyone is on that route. Two seats available.
    (Friday and Sunday I'm on my own and would be into a ride if anyone else is coming from New Paltz ; otherwise I can sort it out.)

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    What it do! I'm Ben and I'll be cruising from Brooklyn on Friday afternoon with three extra seats, intending to return on Sunday afternoon, and I welcome copilot DJs.

    • bbonyhadi at gmaildotcom is a good way to reach me
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